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Quanzhou Hengtong Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd
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Quanzhou Hengtong Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd is located in Jiangnan Hi-tech Industrial Park of Quanzhou City Fujian China.As a manufacturer who is specializing in casting and construction machinery manufacturing,Hengtong has a complete advanced sand casting production equipment and construction machinery manufacturing line. We have the annual capacity of manufacturing more than 6,000 tons of cast steel, nodular cast iron, stainless steel and more than 100,000 pieces of undercarriage parts of construction machinery. Adopting advanced technology of self hardening silica sand casting and finished machining, we supply precise and high quality parts for mining machinery, engineering machinery and construction machinery, for example:idler,track roller,carrier roller,sprocket,tooth,I link,H link and chain etc.We can satisfy the various demands and serive of our customers on the quality and products.                                        

How to find us

The way to "Quanzhou Hengtong Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd" by bus:
Take NO.4 bus to SI HUANG direction, (total 24minutes and 20 stops),the bus run every 10 minutes,get off the bus at XIANTANG stop,or you can take the NO.40 bus and get off at the XIANTANG terminal stop.
The way to “Quanzhou Hengtong Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd”by car:
Take the high way pass a Quanzhou West toll gate,drive about 180m to the direction X301 of Quanzhou city and just turn right,or just drive on the FUQIAO street about 8kms,our company just locate at the left side of road.

Corporate Culture

"Transmission" is the Soul of Hengtong's Development and Improvement.
Hengtong people use undercarriage to drive the power of engine to various machinery power. Meanwhile, Hengtong people also transmit the spirit and the core competitive force of Hengtong Corporation to all customers by means of products and service.
Source of Strength
Oriented by core competitive force which consists of cohesive force, executive force and creativity of team, Hengtong people not only devoted themselves to the quality of products, but also improving management, integrating internal and external resource and bringing the potential of personnel, material resource as well as financial resource into play. In that way, Hengtong people have gained outstanding achievement in fierce competition.
By means of integrating its cultural resource, Hengtong Corporation has defined its mission, confirmed its future, abstracted its core value and conglomerated its business philosophy, i.e. founding the brand of Hengtong Corporation through establishing Hengtong’s "Transmission Culture".

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